The clarinet is an amazing, versatile instrument.  Many people think of clarinet as something people play in band at school and that is all.  Clarinet has many faces. (ha!) Clarinet is a beautiful solo instrument, a workhorse in the wind band setting, an important voice in the orchestra, and also a crucial part of many folk traditions, and it is nearly always called for in Broadway-style musicals.  It can sound smooth like velvet, perky and lively, wild and crazy, deep and mellow, all within its usual range of sounds.  The range of the clarinet is very wide, giving it even more versatility.

Clarinets are pretty easy to find at a reasonable price.  Sometimes an upgraded mouthpiece may make a big difference in a good sound.  Reeds are important to a good sound and only last a while, so plan to have a supply and replace them every few weeks. If you need help finding a clarinet, or deciding if one is a reasonable quality, I would be happy to help you.

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