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Contact Information:

I closed my practice permanently in 2013.  I have had patients looking for contact information.  I am trying to get this information out in as many places as possible.  Mail is most reliable.  I am only 

If you need records, please send a completed and signed medical records release to:

Katherine Brown MD

PO Box 4330

Hillsboro, OR  97124

Fax 503-681-4773


W-A wall mount sphygmomanometerLEEP setGraves and Pederson specs availableSmall through Extra Large speculums availableViewmore speculums available

Medical Equipment:

Since I closed my private practice, I have used medical equipment that I need to sell.  I am setting up a separate website for this:  It has been a challenge to get completed.  If you are interested, please email me at the above address.  Feel free to share this with anyone you know who might be interested.

Ritter 223 power (height and back) exam table

Ritter 222 power (hi-low) exam table

Ritter 307 power (hi-low) exam table

Ritter M-9 autoclave (front and inside views)

Leisegang colposcope with Leica digital camera

Welch-Allyn desk set (needs battery)

Welch-Allyn wall-mount sphygmomanometer

LEEP instruments (3 speculums, long pickups)

Speculums in various sizes and types

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