Kathy Brown

I grew up in a home filled with music and played piano from before I remember.  I added clarinet in grade school and saxophone in high school.  I continued to pursue music in college, graduating with both music and biology degrees before attending medical school.  After residency training, I set up private Ob/Gyn practice in Forest Grove and then Hillsboro, Oregon where my practice flourished for 16 years.  In 2012, I returned to graduate school part time to pursue a masters degree in music at Portland State University, studying oboe and music education, and in 2013, made the decision to close my medical practice and pursue music full time.

Doctor actually means "teacher!"

My husband is a pediatrician and pianist.  My daughter is pursuing a science degree and is a percussionist.  My son is pursuing a degree in trombone performance.  You may notice me playing various woodwind instruments, especially oboe and English horn in community groups or musicals in the Hillsboro area.


My philosophy of teaching music is that above all it has to be fun. 

Nothing is more sad than to hear that people have given up on lessons because they were bored or frustrated.  There are many ways to learn and many ways to teach.  The most effective teachers will use as many of those as possible.  My goal is to use my artistry as a musician and my skill as a scientist to evaluate how each student is best learning (or NOT learning) and create a way of teaching individuals so that they enjoy music and make progress.

© Kathy Brown 2013