If you are seriously debating taking some lessons, but you aren't sure if it is right for you, or if your child is young and you aren't sure if he or she is ready, I will offer a FREE TRIAL LESSON.  If you still aren't sure after that, consider signing up for a month and then we can re-evaluate the situation at that point.  I am flexible and will do my best to meet your needs.

But I play two instruments…

There are many woodwind teachers who are adamant that their oboe students or clarinet students not play saxophone.  Being a "doubler" myself, I am a bit more moderate in that regard.  Oboe is not an instrument that should be played outdoors, so an alternative should be found for marching band.  Many oboe students join flag team or play mallet percussion (a very good choice which I could also help with).  I also think saxophone is a possibility, but the oboe cannot be abandoned during that time.  That is the most important part.  Regular practice on the oboe to maintain a good embouchure (the way the mouth works with the instrument) and habits will keep those skills going.  We could divide some of the lessons up and talk about what is different about playing the two instruments.

Can we afford it?

I have set rates and studio policies in line with what other major studios in the area have.  For details of my rates and policies, please see the attached PDF.  In addition, I am offering discounts for second children in households taking lessons and scholarships for financial need.  If you have concerns, just ask!

Studio Policies:  

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